I have come to acknowledge a personal calling which I have ignored for far too long. I have been shown, time and again, stories and reasons why I must take action. This is the first step of my journey, as well as an invitation.

Our young women need us. Distorted and extremist views of what a woman “should” be are deeply ingrained in many cultures. Many young women today are lost, and are often taken advantage of by peers, family members, strangers, or worse, themselves.

Countless are losing sight of their self-worth. Many have never had it at all.  Most have nowhere to turn.  Some are eager to learn the importance of having respect for themselves despite their circumstances and want to learn how to demand respect from others.  Others are yearning for the reminder that they can succeed in whatever they set their hearts and minds to, and need to hear they DO NOT have to sacrifice their self-respect for anyone, ever. These young women must be reminded their well-being is essential and they do not stand alone.

I am blessed to be surrounded by intelligent, strong, powerful, amazing women from all walks of life:  women who have grown from mistakes and hardship; women who are full of experience and insight; women who have used their experiences and grown to love and accept themselves – to these women, I call.

I invite you to take this journey with me to help lift a veil for these young women. My vision is to build a network of caring women sharing what they have learned through their own personal experiences.  My wish is to give young women the opportunity to take what resonates with them, letting the rest flow by, at a time when their decisions matter more than they may realize.

I invite you to write a letter to your younger self.  If you accept this invitation, thank you. You may simply begin your letter: Dear Me at _____ (the age in which you choose).  Please share only what you are willing and know that your information (full name, email) will not be disclosed unless you have provided written consent and express permission. 

Thank you for your time and support in this effort!


Sonia Houston

P.S. After speaking with many of you at SXSW, I was inspired to suggest you include a photo of you at the approximate age you are writing to as an accompaniment to your letter.  Additionally, the overwhelming response by men wanting to respectfully share their voices acknowledging the true beauty and amazement that are women, further inspired me to compile responses completing the phrase "Women are amazing because…", for future use in association with this project.  Thank you for the inspiration!

You may participate and donate your letter to this project by mail, email, or by using the form below.

Please submit, along with your name, state & country, to:

By Mail:
Take It From Us
P.O. Box #2513
Austin, TX 78768                                                           U.S.A.



All letters will be reviewed by the TIFU team prior to posting the letters online to ensure they align with our mission.  Approved letters will be posted to the takeitfrom.us website and will include your first name, current age, state & country of residence.

Please advise if you grant permission to be contacted should a young woman request it. You will be provided with a copy of such request, for consideration and approval, before any information is released.

Donation of this letter is approval for its publication online and all other publications associated with this project designed to reach young women everywhere who may find themselves feeling alone and in need of consolation from other strong women.

If you would like to be involved in future aspects of this project, please provide your complete contact information with your letter.

Thank You!



TO THE MEN: Please feel free to submit your letter to your younger self and/or complete the phrase "Women are amazing because…". Thank you for your support!
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